2018 Jigsaw Puzzle Tournament Results

2018 Jigsaw Puzzle Tournament Results

UPDATE 2/7/2018: We apologize to the Adult 4-Person team Wabbalubbadubdub for inadvertently missing their 5th place finish in our results list (it was on our judges records) and have updated the results list accordingly.

Congratulations to the 1st place teams:
2nd & 3rd Grade: Pink Kitty’s in 17 minutes 15 seconds
4th & 5th Grade: Smyth & Arnold in 55 minutes 35 seconds
Middle School: I Said My Piece in 50 minutes 25 seconds
Adult Individual: Martinson in 1 hour 9 minutes 18 seconds
Adult 2-Person: Coleman & Coleman in 1 hour 10 minutes 2 seconds
Adult 4-Person: Puzzerk in 2 hours 16 minutes 14 seconds

Click on a photo gallery below for all photos in that division.

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