Book Sale Price Guide

Mini-Thin Books for Children (look for sticker on front of item)$0.25per item
Children & Teen Books$0.50per item
Mini-Thin Books for Adults (look for sticker on front of item)$0.50per item
Mass Market / Pocket Paperbacks (pocket size)$0.50per item
Trade Paperback Books (sized larger than pocket size)$1.00per item
Regular Hardback Books including large print$1.00per item
Video Tapes (VHS)$0.50per item
DVD, Music CD's including Software CDs/DVDs$1.00per item
Music on Cassette or Vinyl Record$0.25per item
Books on Cassette$0.50per item
Books on CD$4.00per item
Current Trade & Hardback Fiction © 2014 - 2016 (marked)$4.00per item
Jigsaw Puzzles - Individually Priced$0.10 - $10.00as marked
Special ItemsAs Markedper item/set